Wednesday, October 14, 2015

House Cleansing

Sometimes we we have experienced houses with bad energy. When you enter such houses it suddenly messes up with your aura. It may make you irritable or tired and you may want to get out of there as soon as possible.

This happens because earth has its Aura which it shares with any space above it. The earth's aura is impacted by anything that might be buried under the earth like stones, metals, dead bodies etc.

A house energy can be cleansed with certain rituals mentioned below. Most of these have been practiced in the past by our elders - however being educated and unable to rationalized these practices we disdained them. If our elders could explain the science behind these rituals it would have been a different story!! But now that I know about Parana and Pranic healing I feel these rituals are justified. Please see the kriya that can be done to cleanse a house listed below:

  • Chanting 'Aum' for 15 minutes in a room.
  • Wipe the floor with salt and sprinkle it in the corners of rooms is another effective way to get rid of negativity.
  • A salt water bowl in every room is also effective as salt attracts negative energy and breaks it down, but be sure to sweep up the salt and throw the salt water in the toilet bowl every day, as this is contaminated.

  • Sprinkle rice around the perimeter of your home, in a clockwise direction from the front door. Rice draws the energy outside and away from the interior of your home. Its common practice in many parts of India, specially during during Diwali – when we intend to clean the house and illuminate it with positive energy

  • Smoke from incense or from herbs such as lavender is good. Eucalyptus is for healing, mint for prosperity — and both give out a healing fragrance. The natural essences that are released through their burning can alter vibrational frequencies, and raise and purify the energy level in a space.
  • Pranic healing for you house:
    You can also visualise your house in front of you, about a foot in total area. Make the visualization as clear as you can. Then project electric violet energy to the rooms by forming the intent that energy is pouring out of your palms, coming all the way down from your crown chakra. This cleanses the area and can be done in all rooms of the house.

  • Let sunlight flood your home and open the windows and doors to allow in fresh air for at least an hour to create new prana in your house.

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