Monday, September 21, 2015

Pranic healing - Forgiveness prayer

Resentments can get stuck in the Chakras, and go deeper into the physical body. Without letting go and forgiveness, spiritual development cannot be attained. It may affect your solar plexus and cause several ailments related to stress. Let go of the past and resentments so you can continue to live.

The forgiveness prayer based on teachings of Grand Master Chao Kok Sui helps release this accumulation of negative emotions.

The kriya for this prayer is:

Fold you hands in Namaste position and imaging the people whom you want to forgive and say the below prayer (with Hindi translation):

The divinity or aatma in me salutes the divinity or aatma in you.
(Meri Aatma aapki aatma ko namaste karti hai)
Atma, Namasté.
We are all children of God.
(Hum Sabhi ishwar ki santaan hain)

We are all in the process of evolving.
(Hum sabhi evolve ho rahe hain)

Evolution involves time, process, and lots of mistakes.
(Evolution me samay lagta hai, and kai baar hum galtiyan karte hain)

I had my share of mistakes and learned from them.
(Meine bhi kai galtiyan ki hain, aur unse sabak liya hai)

So can you. I wish you the same.
(Aap bhi apni galtiyon se seekhen aisi me kaamna karti hu)

God’s peace and love be with me.
(Ishwar ka pyar aur shaanti mere paas hai)

God’s peace and love be with you.
(Ishwar ka pyar aur shaanti aapko bhi mile)

You are completely forgiven from the bottom of my heart.
(Meine aapko maaf kiya, Tahe dil se maaf kiya, poori tarah se maaf kiya)

May you be blessed with inner peace, inner healing.
(Aapke mann ko shaanti mile and healing mile)

May you be blessed with spiritual transformation & spiritual maturity.
(Aap ki aadhyatmic pragati ho, and aapko aadhyatmic maturity mile)

God’s blessing be with you.
(Ishwar ka aashirwaad aapke saath hai)

May you spiritually grow and evolve.
(Aap din prati-din aadhyatmic bane )

You are completely forgiven.
(Meine aapko poori tarh se maaf kiya)

Go in peace.
(Aapko shaanti mile)

I completely release you.
(Meine aapko mukt kiya)

So be it.

Atma, namasté.
Go in peace.
(Shanti, shanti, shanti)

Cut cut cut! (Do this cutting action with your hand like you’re cutting links in front of you from you solr plexus)
I release you."
(Aap abb mujhse aazaad hain)

When done efficiently this prayer my release your negative energy in the form of tears and leave you with a feeling of being very relaxed as if relieved of a huge baggage on your heart.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pranic Healing - A new way of life!!

I recently did a course of pranic healing during the lowest phase of my life and I wish I knew this science earlier!! Sharing a bit of my learnings here..

For life to exist, the body must have prana, chi or life energy. The healing process can be accelerated by increasing life energy on the affected part(s) and on the entire body.
In chemistry, electrical energy is sometimes used as a catalyst to increase the rate of chemical reaction. Light can affect chemical reaction. This is the basis for photography. In electrolysis, electricity is used to catalyze or produce chemical reaction. In pranic healing, prana or life energy serves as the catalyst to accelerate the rate of biochemical reactions involved in the natural healing process of the body. When pranic energy is applied to the affected part of the body, the rate of recovery or healing increases tremendously.
What we call miraculous healing is nothing more than increasing the rate of self-recovery of the body. There is nothing supernatural or paranormal about pranic healing. It is simply based on natural laws that most people are not aware of.
Although science is not able to detect and measure life energy or prana, it does not mean that prana does not exist or does not affect the health and well being of the body. In ancient times, people were not aware of the existence of electricity, its properties and practical uses. But this does not mean tliat electricity does not exist. One's ignorance does not change reality; it simply alters the perception of reality, resulting in misperception and misconception of what is and what is not, what can be done and what cannot be done.

What are Chakras? What are their functions?

Chakras or whirling energy centers are very important part of the energy body. Just as the visible physical body has vital and minor organs, the energy body has major,minor and mini chakras. Major Chakras are energy centers which in general are about three to four inches in diameter. They control and energize the major and vital organs of the visible physical body. They are just like power stations that supply life energy or prana to different organs. When the power stations malfunction, the corresponding vital organs become sick or deseased because they do not have enough life energy to operate properly!
The chakras have several important functions:

1. They absorb,digest and distribute prana to the different parts of the body.

2. The Chakras control and energize, and are responsible for the proper functioning of the whole physical body and its different parts and organs. The endocrine glands are controlled and energized by some of the major chakras. The endocrine glands can be stimulated or inhibited by controlling or manipulating the major chakras. A lot of ailments are caused partially by the malfunctioning of the chakras.

3. Some chakras are sites or centers of psychic faculties. Activation of certain chakras may result in the development of certain psychic faculties. For example, among the easiest and safest chakras to activate are the hand minor chakras. These are located at the center of
the palms. By activating these chakras, one develops the ability to feel subtle energies and the ability to feel and sense different parts
of the aura.
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